NOV 2013

We are close.  The last word on a delivery date was by the end of year.  No later than  2014.  Please check back for status soon, as I hope to have good news with some more graphics to share.

March 2013 

Latest update: We are currentenly finalizing a new set of corporations, along with some additional safety gear to be released. Couple that with all of the certifications, which we are busy finalizing as well.  We will release as soon as possible.  I know the long frustrations of waiting.  As I am in that club with you.  Good news is this is going to happen soon and in a sound, quality manner.

Thank you all for your interest and patience.


November 2012 

Our current goals are to have a commercially ready product by the end of the first quarter of 2013.


May 2012 

A Glimpse of the new much improved Generic:

We have had 2 iterations of this final generic, the first of which had a pop up mouthpiece, and this new version that incorporates a host of upgrades, with new PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch Pressures), which are much easier on the User and provides additional air, along with our new Air meter.  We are only months away from going to the public and military markets.  We through years of improvements are now ready for the market place:  Hope you enjoy a glimpse of our new product, which has a neoprene strap on the bottom to fit as a sleeve rather than as a clip-on device, for any size wrist or any type of clothing wear, such as possibly a wetsuit.

November 2011 

We are close to a production quality retail product.  Excitingly close!!!  ONLY A FEW MONTHS TO GO - If not sooner. 

We had hopes for the Holiday Season in 2011, but we want this right.  And are making some critical and user friendly re-engineering changes, to reduce the price and create a much safer and easier to use product, both for military use and recreational use to improve safety and the Users peace of mind.

We are planning for the end of the 1st quarter of 2012 to make our first sales to major military and recreational outlets.  As prudence sometimes delays new products we are certain of a 2nd quarter delivery to the public. 

This is finally a true reality, after years of development and redesigns, which will allow for the wrist device to fit any arm, and with a new pop-up mouthpiece.

It will change the air safety systems, in new and dramatic ways.  It also appears to have some great medical applications  as well.

We will soon give you a new look at our wrist version.  We also have a flat device designed for vehicle use and body wear.

In the next 2 to 3 months, I hope to have a firm introduction date.  By the way, we also will have disposable refill cartridges.  Coupled with the hand pump and air tank refill systems.

July 2011 

Year of 2011: Our Products will be available for commercial retail production.

And we have distribution arms that span the globe. This is monumental !  As we are also designing a custom unit for the military and other safety, vehicles as well as our unique and multi-use prolific wrist unit.

Our plans are for both a metal and polymer version, but whatever our first commerical generation is, it will have gone through years of testing and improvements. We have no specific timeframe yet for testing the units, for which some magazines and others have have asked to do so. But the wait time now should only be within months, no longer years!!!  Our anticipation is this will be a high-volumne, cross-discipline product, helping to save lives, add peace of mind to users in risky situations, and improve the safety industry in general.

Look for more updates in the months to come... It has been a long road, but when  something is done right, it does often take much longer than any one anticipates... Thanks for your continued interest. The wait is almost over...

November 2010 
Our negotiations are complete, contracts signed, and a new pre-production prototpye Version 4, with additional Air Capacity, and finer Ergonomics is wrapping up.

We intend to meet with, Water Sports, Firefighters, Oil Companies to Military, Safety and Rescue, along with Retailers that we will be scheduling meetings with around the world very soon.

Our projected goal is to establish full public market production by March-April of 2011.

Please Contact Us Immediately, if you would like to review, test and Market this new Safety Device, that we believe is a New Generation, World Class Product, that will improve many industries, and individual Users safety and comfort, along with providing confidence and peace of mind, when engaged in activities, that may require "Emergency Air". Additionally the Medical Industry has also shown an interest, for a host of possible Uses.

April 2010 
Our negotiations with a firm in the United Kingdom is on track.  A fourth generation pre-production prototype is under way and it should be completed in 8 to 12 weeks.   We also have pending meetings with large sporting corporations, and military, as well as fire department interests to purchase the product.  As well as, countless Users who have contacted us, waiting for its production release date.

As the inventor of this product, it has been a long road.  Much longer than I would have ever anticipated, but the interest from the consumer markets is driving this to a conclusion.  It may have a release date of 2011, but our hope is to have a production version before the end of 2010.  Thanks to all for your interest and patience…  This product will save lives, and provide the essential safety to many new markets, based on its unique minturized size and ease of use.   Again, Thank You All for your interest and patience… Cheers, Russ Otter

December 2009 
We are currently in negotiations with an international company to move    Second Breath to a production quality product. We will report more          specific details as they develop... 2010 is likely the year that the              evolution of this new compact safety product improves the beneficial outcomes for industries, almost across the board... We look forward to     reporting soon on the outcomes of our new relationship and future market exposure of this revolutionary product, of which so many of you have been asking for... 

Thank you for your patience - we believe we are almost there!!!

October 2008
Have successfully delivered custom modified beta units for wetsuits to a Major Sea and Animal park within the United States.  This was a special custom order, that we do not plan to repeat with other businesses.  We are in the process of looking to sell the patent and business to a company with a proven track record in manufacturing, and product introduction.  We are looking for sound companies who can leverage and promote this product in the best of every manner.  * The product has been sought out by Medical, Rescue & Safety, Sporting, Fire Departments, Military, and all forms of water recreation users, from general swimmers, to Kayakers, to Body-Surfers.  Its appeal has been universal, from both land and sea.

May-June, 2007
Major Corporation orders prototypes in a modified form for the purpose of integrating into wetsuits. This new design will provide improved safety, given their animal trainers unique working conditions.  This Corporation recognized the miniaturized unique importance of our product after reviewing every emergency air system available.  Testing has been successfully completed.  Work is now underway to customize their wetsuits to house Second Breath.

January, 2007
NOAH Second Breath USPTO Granted Patent No. 7156092, issued on 01/02/2007.

A Purchase Order of 2000 units of Second Breath has been issued by a major U.S. corporation. Another major U.S. sporting goods retailer and a number of U.S. and international distributors and wholesalers are in place as we finalize the last round of product upgrades, specs and manufacturing details and contracts.

Additional Status Notes:
Second Breath has been tested very successfully in multiple markets, with firm interests to purchase, distribute and license the product. We are now ready to begin production. This production stage will also see additional improvements in ease of use and weight reduction by moving to polymers from aluminum. We are currently seeking financial partners to move forward. If you have any desire to be a part of a ground breaking new invention, with a demand market in place, please contact us.

A Major U.S. corporation makes contact with us showing great interest in Second Breath as a smart and novel device for their staff's safety needs.

Second Breath has been successfully tested by well-known professional big wave surfers in Hawaii as well as military-affiliated and other safety/rescue professionals. In the words of one professional Diver, "...this is 100% Go!"

2010 Pre-Production Ready Version 4
We are one step closer to going to market: Projected launch date is March 2011. Here's a sneak picture and some informational documentation, for preview of a fully tested, ergonomically improved, with Twice the Air Capacity: Stay tuned. As we have both this "Leisure Brochure and or "First Responders" (Safety and Rescue" documentation being finalized.)

Version 4 NOAH Second Breath


For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the upgraded Second Breath, the wait is almost over. It's looking great, we're very excited. We are currently putting the finishing touches on the packaging, and documentation.

Here is a sample of one of our Brochures Covers for the Leisure Markets.  We also have packaging specificly designed for "First Responders", Fire, Military, Safety and Recue Personal.

Version 4 Brochure

To See Full Leisure Brochure Click on: 
Leisure Brochure

The Super Show: The World of Sports Innovations
Orlando, Florida, Orange County Convention Center
Another great showing! The reception toward Second Breath was equally enthusiastic, this time from a broader, overall sports market, not just water sports. The responses from attendees, buyers and other exhibitors were identical, echoing that of the Surf Expo earlier in the month (see below). While the responses were overwhelmingly enthusiastic from within the US, the Super Show also attracted a greater international presence than the Surf Expo, providing us with invaluable feedback and insight into numerous overseas markets. Aside from one gentleman who flew in from Scandinavia specifically to see us and Second Breath, we also received enormous interests from Asia, Latin America, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.

Surf Expo:
Orlando, Florida, Orange County Convention Center
The response toward the public debut of Second Breath was overwhelmingly positive. Show-attendees and other exhibitors were seeking us out during the three days via word-of-mouth. We received some great input and feedback from potential users, as well as invaluable connections and trade possibilities. Quite a few people (including other inventors) thought Second Breath is the single most innovative product they had seen in recent years. Aside from the functionality of Second Breath, Surf Expo visitors were also very taken by the overall design and hi-tech appeal of brushed aluminum. We've also discovered some unexpected new user segments, such as free-diving, spear fishing and deep powder skiing, among others. In addition to the water sports applications, lifeguards, fire rescue professionals and others involved in the rescue segment also showed tremendous interest and enthusiasm.

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