NO2AH: Second BreathTM

Non-umbilically connected or hand-held
O2xygen - air supply in or out of water
Armband attached or mouth-held detached
Housing that does not restrict activity

NOAH: Second Breath was granted USPTO Patent No. 7156092 on 07/28/2006, official publication/issuance on 01/02/2007.

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When Life is a Matter of One Extra Breath
Ever engaged in a water recreation or sport activity where you were caught gasping for air fearing for the worst? Most anyone you ask will likely say yes. Second Breath is a compact, patented, wearable life-saving device designed to provide an immediate supply of air in times of respiratory distress. Among its many applications are emergency situations while participating in water-sports (such as board or body surfing, snorkeling, free-diving, spear fishing, kayaking, boating, etc.), in life-threatening health/medical and fire situations (both at home and work), or while experiencing oxygen deficits at high altitude.

Emergency Air Supply Worn on the Wrist 

Second Breath is a miniature, self-contained air dispenser that is worn around the wrist with the ease and comfort of a watch band. But underneath this marvel of simplicity and convenience lies a sophisticated and ingenious engineering design. Air is actuated through a rubber mouthpiece on the device. It is neither tank-based nor is air actuated through a tube as with all other emergency oxygen supply devices currently available. Its small size and unique design will not interfere with the wearers' activities. Second Breath is totally unique, there is no similar competitive product on the market.

Second Breath is Unique and Unobtrusive
Currently available portable emergency oxygen supply devices use cumbersome tanks that are either hand-held or strapped onto the torso of the user. Air is delivered to the user through a mouthpiece attached to a hose connected to the air tank. When not in use, the hose and the mouthpiece either dangle freely or are tucked away; which will most likely hinder a user’s activities and movements or in times of need have to fumble under stressful conditions to gain access to air supply. Furthermore, currently available portable emergency oxygen devices are not suitable for carrying (as an emergency back up air supply) while engaging in recreational or sports activities nor do they provide the ideal condition for use in an emergency.

Second Breath Saves Lives
Second Breath is refillable via hand pump or scuba tank. It can also be built into apparel such as a wet suit. Made of light weight aluminum, current model provides approximately 15 breaths of air on land or 5-8 breaths in water. It is refillable with either a hand-pump or air tank. With the rate of participation in water sports increasing exponentially worldwide, Second Breath could well be as important as the “seatbelt” of water sports.

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