About Us

NOAH InnovationsTM, LTD.
NOAH Innovations is founded by Russ Otter and Bennett Tsou in the Coachella Valley of the California desert (Palm Springs). Our Mission is to develop and market creative new products and support services that can enhance quality of life. With the merging of our varied interests, education and experience, we are focused on building NOAH Innovations into a springboard for the development and marketing of life-enriching products.

Twain merges Internationally

We are now a twain from the US and the UK:  Committed now to bring a line of safety gear to the market place.  This combination of individuals, have a broad swath of backgrounds, from PhD’s in Business and Science, to Special Forces, coupled with Manufacturing, and winning spirits from successful business backgrounds. 

This combination, truly makes this a global venture, with distribution and talent linked together worldwide.

We look forward to very soon be providing you with our products...


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